Woodburn Village Condominium is a community with many residents. In such a community, rules are needed. These Rules and Regulations are not intended to unduly hamper or restrict the residents or prevent their enjoyment of the common facilities at Woodburn Village. Rather, the rules are established by the community to enhance everyone's enjoyment and use of their home and the common areas at Woodburn Village. The rules and regulations apply to all residents and unit owners.

Every unit owner has a percentage interest in the common elements so it is important to define use of the common elements. The common elements include, but are not limited to, all of the land the buildings, and portions of the plumbing, electrical, heating, mechanical and air conditioning systems that serve the common elements or more than one unit. In general, the common elements are the portions of the condominium that are located outside the unit.


The Rules and Regulations discussed here are from the Woodburn Village Bylaws and resolution: adopted by the Board. The resolutions and the Bylaws are based on the Virginia Condominium Act and property rights law. The Association may also from time-to-time adopt resolutions that further define and interpret Rules and Regulations and other provisions of the Bylaws. As resolutions are adopted, they will by distributed to all owners and residents for inclusion in this manual.


Design Review


Among the responsibilities of the Association are. the care and maintenance of the physical environment, and protection of property values through the exercise of aesthetic control and protection of visual harmony. The Board, in accordance with guidelines set by the Woodburn Village Bylaws and Rules and Regulations, administers the design review and enforcement procedures to provide such protection.

The Board has adopted a policy resolution that deals with design review.


General Exterior Guidelines

In keeping with the aesthetic character of the community, all exterior changes or additions to any part of the land or buildings that are allowed by the condominium instruments will require written application to, and approval of the Board, before any work commences. The following examples are common considerations of unit owners. Some changes and additions are explicitly not

allowed, and others will require Board approval.


No sign of any character may be erected, posted or displayed upon, in or from any condominium unit, common element or limited common element by any owner or resident except during an Open House. Please see Policy Resolution #18. This includes "For Sale" and "For Rent" signs.


Landscaping and Planting


Landscaping work and planting around patios and on common elements will be allowed within the scope defined by the Board.


Antennas of any type are prohibited on the common elements.




All painting or decorating of any exterior building surface, including building interior entrance hall: and stairways, exterior portions of the unit door, trash rooms, and any other interior common element area, is not permitted.


Exterior Awnings and Shades

Awnings, shades or canopies on patios, balconies, and windows are not allowed.


Exterior Additions

Nothing shall be hung from the doors or windows (with the exception of interior window coverings) of any unit without prior written permission. Clotheslines, rugs, laundry, etc. may not be hung at windows, doors or on terrace and balcony areas. Seasonal decorations are permitted without prior approval providing they are appropriate and do not make noise.


General Interior Guidelines


Each unit owner is permitted to remodel, modify or alter the interior of the unit, through such techniques as painting, wall covering, installing new kitchen cabinets, etc.


Every unit owner is required to promptly perform all maintenance and repair work to the unit that, it neglected, would affect other units or the common elements.


An individual owner is not required to obtain approval for minor changes to the electrical and plumbing system serving only his unit. However, if it is necessary to interrupt the services affecting other units within the building, prior approval must be obtained and the work coordinated with the Association. An example of minor changes would be installation of a dimmer switch for a light or changes to plumbing fixtures in your unit. As a general policy, even though approval for minor changes is not required, it is suggested that each unit owner review the proposed work with the Association to ensure no other unit is affected.

All work shall be in accordance with local codes and ordinances.

All unit door hardware existing at the time of conveyance from the Developer to a purchaser is approved. However, any changes to the appearance of the door hardware made by the unit owner after initial conveyance must be approved by the Board. No interior partitions may by removed or altered without prior approval by the Board.


Relocation of unit boundaries between units and subdivisions of units is allowed only with consent of all involved mortgagees and approval of the Board.

No air conditioning devices or additional appliances may be installed in the unit. Please be considerate and confine noisy construction or remodeling to reasonable daytime hours


Approval for Changes


If you plan to make any changes or additions that would require approval, please use the Design Review Application supplied in Appendix IV of this manual.


Use of the Common Elements
Parking Lots


The Board has adopted a resolution that deals extensively with parking regulations for Woodburn Village.


The parking spaces and streets of Woodburn Village are common elements and are available for use by all Woodburn Village unit owners, residents, and their guests.


Vehicular repairs, painting vehicles and draining of any automotive fluids on parking lots is prohibited.


Junk vehicles and those with outdated license plates will be towed away after proper notice is given. The owners of such vehicles will be assessed for any towing costs.


All residents of Woodburn Village and their guests are required to obey all parking regulations posted at the private streets, parking areas, and driveways.


Vehicles that are in violation of parking rules and regulations will be tagged. Non-conformance with the parking rules and regulations could result in towing of the violating vehicle at the owner's expense.


Grounds. Pathways, and Building Common Areas


The walkways of Woodburn Village should not be used for any purpose other than ingress and egress from the units and building areas.


Do not allow toys, bicycles, baby strollers, and other personal articles standing on the common ground elements for an extended period of time.


All trash and refuse must be deposited in receptacles intended for disposal of such items. NO trash bags or debris must be left anywhere on the common elements.


All residents are responsible for the actions of their children and guests while on the common elements.


Damages to common elements by the tenants, guests, children, and pets of a unit owner will be the responsibility of the unit owner.


Recreational Areas


The Board has adopted Resolutions that deal with the use of the pool and the amenities area.


Amenities Area

1. The amenities area is for the exclusive use of the Woodburn Village residents and their guests. All residents must accompany their guests while using the amenities area.


2. All persons using the recreational amenities do so at their own risk. The Woodburn Village Condominium Unit Owners Association assumes no responsibility for any accident or injury occurring in connection with use of any portion of the recreational amenities. the recreational facilities or equipment shall be repaired or replaced at the expense of the responsible resident or unit owner.


3. Residents will be responsible for the actions of their children and guests. Damage to in th game areas or courts.


4. No food, drinks, or breakable objects are permitted in any of the game areas or courts. Glass or breakable objects are not permitted in the recreational amenities at any time.


5. No play equipment, toys, play pens, wheeled vehicles (except wheelchairs) are permitted

6. No pets are permitted in the recreational amenities areas (except seeing-eye dogs).

7. No intoxicants will be allowed in the recreational amenities area. Intoxicated persons will not be allowed to use the amenities.

8. All refuse must be placed in containers provided for this purpose. Residents are urged to assist in keeping the recreational amenities area clean and pleasant.


9. All games and use of the amenities and equipment must be conducted in a safe manner with due respect and consideration for others who are in the nearby areas. The use of profanity is not permitted. Rough play or abusive conduct will not be tolerated.


10. Only rubber-soled shoes are permitted on the tennis, basketball courts.


11. All game areas may be used on a first-come, first-serve basis. Anyone using the game areas is limited to one hour of play if other residents are waiting to play.


12. Game equipment for volleyball. Horseshoes may be borrowed from the Association office during business hours. Equipment may be checked out for one hour periods.


13. The Association may require a deposit for borrowed game equipment. The amount of the deposit will be set by the Board of Directors from time to time.


14. Any damage to or loss of game equipment kxxm-ed during the period for which it is borrowed will be the responsibility of the resident who checked out the equipment.


15. All personal game equipment must be marked with the owner's name and address. Any personal items found in the amenities area must be turned into the Association office so the owner may be located. The Woodburn Village Condominium Unit Owners Association is not responsible for the loss of or damage to any personal property used or left in the recreational amenities area.


16. It is the responsibility of the resident who checked out game equipment to see that it is returned at the proper time to the Association office.


17. Children 10 years of age and younger may not check out game equipment.



General Guidelines




The Board has adopted a resolution that deals extensively with pets and the responsibilities of their owners.

Unit owners are permitted to keep pets subject to the provisions of the Declaration, Bylaws, Rules and Regulations of the condominium and the animal control codes of Fairfax County. Fairfax County requires that all dogs be on a leash when being exercised.

Each unit may have only one (1) pet (as defined by the Bylaws) per unit. Any additional pets will require Board approval.


The resolution requires that all pets be registered with the Managing Agent. Registration is required in order to notify a pet owner if the animal is injured and to identify possible problem animals. Pet registration and additional pet application forms are included as Appendix III.

Stray animals should be reported to the Association office for possible identification, prior to contacting the Fairfax County Animal Control Unit.

All animal bites or attacks, and all diseased animals should be reported to the Association and the Animal Control Unit.

Any cruel acts to animals are flatly prohibited. This specifically includes a ban on the use of poison.

NO person should make food available for pets other than their own, unless permission has been obtained from the animal's owner.

In case of an accident involving an animal, the person involved should seek out all possible assistance and notify the animal's owner as soon as possible. Each pet owner is responsible for the appropriate and sanitary disposal of his dead pet.


The Board of Directors has designated pet walking areas along the perimeter of the complex.






All dogs must have a current Fairfax County registration and rabies tag attached to a collar or harness worn by the dog., Owners are responsible for removing their dog's waste from the common elements, and shall make every effort to avoid traffic patterns when pets are permitted to relieve themselves.

Every female dog, while in heat, shall be kept confined in her owner's unit in such a manner that she will not be in contact with another dog, except for the intentional non-commercial breeding purposes. The owner will not permit the dog to become a nuisance by attracting other animals.






No owner shall leave his cat outside for an extended period of time when the owner is not in the immediate vicinity of Woodburn Village, unless appropriate arrangements have been made for the cat to have access to the owner's unit.

If a cat becomes a habitual source of complaints, the owners may be required to allow free running, of the cat only during prescribed hours.

Public Nuisances

A complaint will be filed and appropriate action will be taken against pet owners if their animal damages, soils, or defecates on the common elements and the owner takes no action to remove the offending material.


Excessive noise created by the animal will also cause action to be taken. Any attacks by an animal will be grounds for action.


Dealing with a Problem Pet

If a neighbor's pet becomes a problem, you should do the following:

Document the problem as completely as possible. This includes identification of the animal and the owner and a complete description of the problem.

Try to work out a solution with the animal's owner.

If personal attempts at a solution fail, contact the Association to file a written complaint. This complaint should contain all of the facts listed in the first step, where possible, as well as a brief description of informal steps taken to solve the problem.

If that is not possible, the Managing Agent of the Association will refer the matter to the Board for appropriate action, under the Special Resolutions process.

Penalties for violation of applicable local ordinances may be enforced by the locality without regard to any remedies pursued by the Association.


General Conduct


Residents may not send any employee of Woodburn village Condominium on any personal business or task of the resident.

Each unit owner agrees to provide access to his or her unit if requested by the management agent or the Association for the purpose of performing necessary repairs or maintenance. The Association, or a designated agent of the Association, reserves the right to enter any unit in the case of an emergency that threatens life, limb, property, or the common elements. If possible, advance notification to the resident will be made.

A resident shall reimburse the Association for all expenditures incurred in repairing or replacing any common element damaged through his or her fault.

Units shall be used for residential purposes only.


Residents must be considerate of others at all times. No disturbing noises or actions shall be made that interfere with the rights, comfort, or convenience of other residents. No unit owner shall operate a sound-producing device between the hours of 11:00 pm and 8:00 am, if such operation shall disturb other residents.

Rules of conduct for the Association may be added to, revoked, or repealed at any time by the Board of Directors under procedures contained in the Book of Resolutions.


Any complaint concerning management of the condominium or actions of other unit owners must be made in writing to the management agent or board of directors.


Draperies, curtains, or venetian blinds must be installed by residents at all windows within the unit.


Residents who are moving in or out of the community must do so between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm Monday through Friday and 9:00 am to 3:00 pm on Saturdays.