To:     All Residents


Date:    March 14, 2007


Re:     Use of the Common Areas



The office has received complaints about children playing in the hallways. If you have children, please be reminded that it is a violation of the Association's Rules and the Use of Common Area Policy.


The Condominiums at Woodburn's Rules and Regulations, Policy Resolution 16, VII., Use of Common Areas, reads "The entranceways, stairways, and other building common areas shall be used only for the purposes intended. These areas shall not be use for playing or loitering. Storage of playthings is prohibited on the Common Elements except for Limited Common Element storage areas. Pedestrian and vehicular ways shall not be obstructed."


Please remind your children of the above noted rule. Please keep noise in the hallways to a minimum as not to disturb other residents. Do not prop entrance doors open. Be careful not to let unit doors "slam" behind you as you enter or leave your homes. Place all trash in trash receptacles. Keep toys and bikes away from the steps. These few extra steps make a big difference!


Please understand the purpose of this memo is to keep The Condominiums at Woodburn a clean and peaceful community. We thank you for your cooperation.