Monday, January 8, 2007

In recent months, Woodburn experienced an increase in suspicious activity, behavioral problems and violations of rules and covenants on the property. To enhance health, safety and quality of life for residents, the Association will be implementing upgrades to current on-site security and is launching a new plan of action for increased safety.


Effective mid January 2007, Woodburn will initiate a pilot program of monitoring common elements by installing a camera in various locations to test its effectiveness in detecting suspicious activity and/or rules violations. If the program proves helpful the program may be expanded over time.


In addition to Security Associates daily security patrols, which will continue to be increased as needed, we also encourage residents to assist us in keeping a watchful eye on the property. It is your neighborhood and reporting note-worthy problem activities to the Management office is a great way to get involved in the community!


Woodburn residents may also join our Neighborhood Watch program. Interested residents should contact the Management office in person or via email at condosatwoodburn @ for more information.

Help keep your neighborhood safe, healthy and a great place to live!