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illa in Annandale, VA.     Woodburn Village in Annandale, VA.     Woodburn Village in Annandale, VA.     Woodburn Village in Annandale, VA.     Woodburn Village in Annandale, VA.     

If you like trees you will love Woodburn Village.  Living in Woodburn Village is like living in a Forest.  But, it is located close to everything in the Northern Virginia - Washington D.C. area.   Woodburn Village is located; twelve miles west of Washington, D.C., five miles south of Tysons Corners Shopping Center, two miles south of the Dunn Loring Metro Station, half a mile west of the belt way (I-495), and 100 yards south of the INOVA Fairfax Hospital.  

Woodburn Village has 606 condominiums located on approximately forty acres of land.  Most of the condominiums have two bedrooms.  But there are also units with one bedroom, three bedrooms, and four bedrooms.     

Woodburn Village has a large swimming pool, two tennis courts, a basketball court, a volley ball court, a fitness trail, two play ground areas, and a dozen picnic areas.  

The Fairfax bus and the Metro bus have a bus stop only 100 yards from Woodburn Village.  So it is easy to get around even if you do not want to use your car.  

If you have any questions or comments about this site please send a message to me at: Sweetland@WoodburnVillage.Net or  571 274 6614.     Richard Sweetland - Realtor

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